First recycling plant of RecyPlastico is planned to be built in Manokwari, the capital of province West Papua, Indonesia. Why there?

There is several reasons for choosing this locality for our first sorting and recycling plant:

  1. There is an university in the town – The University of Papua. So there is enough educated people and also the platform for cooperation on further research and education.
  2. West Papua has vision to become a “Conservation Province” with high concern to protect environment. Plastics recycling instead of landfill (or “wild burning” or garbage dump to the sea, that are commonly done in Manokwari) indeed is fitting to this strategy.
  3. Manokwari is the capital city of the province with the political representation in the city. Thus, with this enormous advantage, Manokwari is an ideal starting point for our project. Furthermore, it is not possible to build any waste management project without coordination with the political representation.
  4. Our team has great knowledge of local conditions and that gives us the competitive advantage.

Petr Zamecnik
project manager

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